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Data Sheets

Technician Licensees → Why Not Try Low Power HF CW?
  by Ron Stone, KA3J (on
  Complete text in 'PDF' format.

Beginning Ham Radio Info → Resources for the new person
  From Conner at Harrison Connunity Park

Broadcasting History
  from Wyoming Attorney -- Thanks to Dylan for submitting)

Wire Gauge and Current Limits Including Skin Depth and Strength  

Simpler Hardware Methods for iCW with the Amazing Hi-Per-Mite Bandpass Filter.  Posted with permission, thanks Chuck Vaughn.

A Meditation On Winding Toroids   by K6JEB

Altoids Punching Tutorial   by Terry Fletcher - WAØITP

TEN-TEC Amateur Radio Equipment
TEN-TEC America's best and oldest manufacture of Commercial and Amateur radio equipment designed to provide the highest performance and greatest ease of use. Ten-Tec products set the standard for real world performance in the most rigorous and demanding applications.

Grounding and Reducing Noise In Your Radio Station   by Phil Anderson - WØXI

Spreadsheets for calculating capacitor and inductor values
for bands other than in a published design.
  by Terry Fletcher - WAØITP

SS40 Rcvr. article from Spanish ham radio magazine Radio Afficionados
The author Jon Iza is a well known ham who has translated many ham radio related articles in to Spanish and some Spanish articles into English.

W1PNS / WAØITP / AB8XA Battery Life Estimator

Latest edition of KØIYE's Crystal Sets to SideBand
Revision 12 of Frank Harris's well known and acclaimed book.

A 20- & 30- or 20- & 39-Meter
Vertical Trap Antenna
   by Phil Anderson - WØXI

WØXI's 100 Most Common Words, Q-sigs, Pro-signs,
and Abbreviations for CW Practice
   by Phil Anderson - WØXI

"EZ Class E Design Spreadsheet" by Terry Fletcher - WAØITP

SESE80 prototype by Paul Daulton - K5WMS

Parts Scrounging by KL7AH

Portable Ops Brochure by K5EST

CW Interface by WAØITP

PAØRDT MiniWhip Antenna by WØMQY

Ozark 17 CW transceiver Kit by WD5AGO

NorCal Christmas Power Meter by WØMQY

M3 Electronix Semiconductor Analyzer   by K6QKL

4SQRP Computer Wallpaper by the 4SQRP gang

4SQRP Member Home Page Links by the 4SQRP gang

4SQRP Photo Album by the 4SQRP gang

Cable Strain Relief by KCØIFQ

Another Strain Relief by WAØITP

How to Build a 10 Meter Beacon by N2UHC

80 Meter Pizza Pan Antenna by K6QKL

Inductance Adapter by K6QKL

So You Want to be a Builder, Huh? by KI6DS

QRP Parts Vendors by the 4SQRP gang

QRP Club Web Page Links by WØCH

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